Event Summary

Organizers:Aomori City, Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), Aomori Sakura Marathon Organization Committee
Date:Sunday April 19th, 2020

  • Start Location…Nogiwa Park (Aomori City, Hajiro-aza Nogiwa 58)
  • Finish Location…Aoi-Umi Park (Aomori City, Yasukata 2-chome)

Event Categories

Full Marathon42.195km

Nogiwa Park~Ushirogata~Bay Bridge~Gappo Park~Nonai Station area~Aoi-Umi Park

  • Age Restriction/18 years old or over (no High School students allowed)
  • Participation Fee/¥7000
  • Start Time/9:00 am
  • Time Limit/5 hours 30 minutes (including individual checkpoint gate limits)
  • Number of Participants/around 2,200
  • Divisions/JAAF Registered Divisions
    General (under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70+)

Half Marathon21.0975km

Nogiwa Park~Bay Bridge~Gappo Park~Nonai Station area~Aoi-Umi Park

  • Age Restriction/High School student or over
  • Participation Fee/ ¥5000
  • Start Time/9:40 am
  • Time Limit/3 hours
  • Number of Participants/around 1,800
  • Divisions/JAAF Registered Divisions
    General (under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70+)


Nogiwa Park~ Bay Bridge~Ishimori Bridge area~Aoi-Umi Park

  • Age Restriction/High School student or over
  • Participation Fee/¥3000
  • Start Time/9:20 am
  • Time Limit/1 hour 20 minutes
  • Divisions/General (under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70+)
  • For underaged applicants under 20 years old, please obtain consent from a parent or guardian before participating.
  • Please gather at the starting location 10 minutes before starting time.
  • We expect to receive official recognition from the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF) for the full and half marathon events.

Competition Regulations

Rules will coincide with both JAAF regulations and competition advisories.

Timing and Recording

Timing will be recorded through the timing chip within your number card.

  • Marathon Net time/10km/20km/30km/40km/Finish
  • Half Marathon Net time/Finish
  • 10km Net time/Finish
  • Net time (chip time) is the time from crossing the start line until crossing the finish line (used for reference only)
  • Offical results are decided by gross time (time from start gun until finish)

8 Checkpoint Gate Closure Times (planned)

Checkpoints for the full marathon event will close at the times written below. Runners who fail to reach a checkpoint before closure will not be allowed to continue the event.

  • Checkpoint1:10.90㎞/10:26
  • Checkpoint2:15.25㎞/11:00
  • Checkpoint3:21.45㎞/11:48
  • Checkpoint4:26.51㎞/12:28
  • Checkpoint5:28.37㎞/12:42
  • Checkpoint6:31.15㎞/13:04
  • Checkpoint7:35.10㎞/13:35
  • Checkpoint8:38.66㎞/14:03
  • Regardless of checkpoint times, race officials may force a runner to pull out of an event if they are significantly behind.
  • Runners who fail to pass through checkpoints or who are stopped by a race doctor will not receive a race completion certificate.
  • Checkpoint locations and times written above are subject to change.

Participation Entry

Please submit your participation application through the Entry Page. Walk-in application on the day of the event is not permitted.
Please understand that your application may be rejected if participant numbers have reached the limit.

Information Desk and Number Cards

  • Information Desk:Tent within Nogiwa Park (April 19th, 7:00am - 8:00am)

Number cards containing timing chips will be sent to all participants by early April. If through certain circumstances your number card was not properly delivered to you, please come to the information desk on the day of the event to receive a replacement.

  • Please remember to bring your number card with tracking chip to the event.
  • Lost or forgotten number cards can be replaced for a ¥2000 fee.

Commemoration Gift

All participants will receive a commemorative T-shirt. When you submit your application, please remember to include your T-shirt size. Choose from SS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, or 3XL. (T-shirts can be collected at the finish location)

  • For specific T-shirt size measurements, please refer to question 15 within the Q&A section.
  • Participants who do not specify shirt size will receive size L (men) or M (female).
  • Under certain circumstances, event organizers may not be able to prepare sizes specified

Medical Runners

We are looking for “Medical Runner” volunteers to provide emergency medical assistance. Willing participants with a doctor’s or paramedic’s license are invited to fill in the specified section in the application form.

Opening and Awards Ceremonies

Opening Ceremony:Nogiwa Park Stage (8:10am - 8:30am)
Awards Ceremony:Aoi-Umi Park (when preparations are ready)

  • Top 8 men and women finishers for each event will receive a prize. (JAAF registered participants included)
  • Top 3 men and women finishers in each age category will also receive a prize. (JAAF registered participants exempted)
    [Age categories/under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70+]
  • Top 3 finishers (gender regardless) of each event will have their times announced and be presented a prize on stage.
  • All finishers will receive their completion certificate at the time announcement & time chip return location.
  • Runners who fail to pass through checkpoints or who are stopped by a race doctor will not receive a race completion certificate.
  • Times will be posted on the on-site board after they have been announced.
  • Times will be posted on the event website after the competition has ended.。

Aid Stations

There will be aid stations (12 planned) along the running course for participants to refuel and rehydrate.

Shuttle Bus Route

There will be a shuttle bus running on the day of the competition.
Timetable of the Shuttle Bus

  • Aomori Station→Start Location
  • Shin-Aomori Station→Start Location
  • Event Parking Lot→Start Location
  • Finish Location→Aomori Station
  • Finish Location→Shin-Aomori Station
  • Finish Location→Event Parking Lot
  • Please understand that spaces in the event parking lot are limited.
  • Please follow instructions given by attendants at the event parking lot.

Participation Agreement

Please submit your application only after reading and agreeing to the following terms:

  1. Participants should not have any heart problems or other health issues, and have undergone enough physical training to prepare for this event. Those with chronic cardiovascular diseases should receive permission from their physician before applying.
  2. Event organizers are not responsible for any injury, accident, theft, or losses that may occur during the event.
  3. If event organizers detect a problem affecting the operation of the competition, all participants agree to obey instructions from event staff to pause or suspend the event.
    Orders given in the interest of safety or smooth operations must be obeyed as well.
  4. In the case of injury or sickness during the event, participants will not object to treatment already given or claim liability towards the event organizers.
  5. Participation fee and any other fees will not be refunded for cancellation, no-show, natural disasters, accidents, disease, or any other reason leading to the cancellation of the event.
    ※Cancellation or event category changes cannot be made after application process is complete.
  6. False declaration of age or gender, or participation by a person other than the applicant will result in elimination from the event list.
  7. Organizers are given permission to report, publicize, and use participants’ names, ages, genders, running times, and portraits within event video, photo, written media, and recorded times for use in media including newsprint, television programs, magazines, internet media, or pamphlets.


  • Pick ups and drop offs by car near the event area will not be permitted. Those coming by car should utilize the event parking lot and shuttle bus service.
  • Because the start and finish locations are different, any personal belongings checked in at the start location will be moved to the finish location. However, please keep any valuables with you at all times. Each person will only be allowed to check in 1 item. Items too large to fit in a standard shopping bag may not be accepted.
  • Participants will receive their number card in the post by early April.
  • Participants who require accompaniment must request so beforehand. (Companions require no participation fee)
  • Clothing must be appropriate for running. Non-sports attire such as articles which cover the entire face, cause disturbance to other runners or audience members, or creates unnecessary danger will not be permitted.
  • Drone flights are not permitted around event locations or along the running courses.
  • Runners will be divided into blocks at the starting location, so please include your estimated finish time in the application. Those who do not specify will be placed in the last block.