Please apply using your preferred method from the options below.On-the-day registrations are not accepted.
Please be aware that we may close applications once the capacity is reached.


Application Period

By February 12 (Mon.), 2024

Click on the respective ‘Entry’ buttons and follow the instructions to apply.

Postal transfer(Dedicated payment slip)

Scheduled to close in mid-February of the 6th year of Reiwa (2024)

Currently in preparation

Sports Entry Telephone Reception

Application Period

By February 9 (Fri.), 2024

You can also apply by phone
Just call the operator, and no handwritten application or online input is necessary.You can easily and securely apply

Sports entry

0570-039-846(Oh-Thank you-Hahiro (039-846))
Operation hours/Weekday10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Application Terms and Conditions

Please make sure to agree to the following application terms and conditions before applying.

  1. The participant must be in good health, free from heart disease and illness, and must train sufficiently to compete in the marathon.
    If you have a chronic disease (cardiac or respiratory disease), please obtain permission from your doctor before applying.
  2. The participant shall not hold the organizers liable for any injury, illness, accident, theft, loss, etc. during the marathon.
  3. The participant must follow the organizer’s instructions for safety management and event operation, including instructions to stop the event if the organizer determines during the marathon that there is a problem with the continuation of the marathon, or if the runners are temporarily stopped due to traffic conditions.
  4. The participant shall not object to receiving first aid if he/she suffers an injury or illness during the marathon.The participant shall not hold the organizer responsible for the method, process, etc. of the event.
  5. The participant shall agree that entry fees and other fees will not be refunded in the event of cancellation or non-participation after application, or in the event of cancellation due to earthquake, windstorm, flood, accident, illness, or other causes.
    ※No changes or cancellations are allowed after application.
  6. The participant must not make false declarations of age or gender, or participate in the race other than the applicant himself/herself (fraudulent entry).(In that case, your entry will be cancelled.)
  7. The participant shall consent to the reporting, publication, and use of his/her personal information, including name, age, gender, record, and portrait, in the video, photographs, articles, and records of the marathon in newspapers, television, magazines, the Internet, pamphlets, and other media.(The right to publish and use such information belongs to the organizer.)
  8. The marathon applicant shall agree that the handling of personal information of the applicant shall be in accordance with the “Handling of Personal Information” section.

Regarding the recruitment of pace runners

To support each runner in achieving their goals, we are recruiting pace runners (free of charge).

Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.