There are three events: Full Marathon (Japan Association of Athletics Federations-certified course), Half Marathon ( Japan Association of Athletics Federations-certified course), and 10km.Age categories are 18 years and older for the full marathon and 15 years and older for the half marathon and 10km.

Course Features

The starting point isNogiwa Park、located in the western part of Aomori-shi, and the finishing point is Aomori Waterfront, next to Aomori Prefecture Tourism Center (ASPM).The course is mostly flat, but the “Aomori Bay Bridge,” with a height difference of 20 meters, is a unique and challenging feature of this course.The course as a whole is flat, making it a good choice for runners aiming for a good record.Also, the participants can enjoy a view of the majestic Mutsu Bay from the Aomori Bay Bridge.

Sightseeing spots in the area

Nogiwa Park, the starting point, and Gappo Park, located beyond the Aomori Bay Bridge, are famous for cherry blossoms in Aomori-shi.Around the time the marathon is held, Aomori-shi is in the cherry blossom season, so please enjoy the cherry blossoms while running.
The finishing point, Aoi-umi Park, is located on the waterfront near Aomori Station, and nearby are Nebuta Museum Wa Rasse, where you can experience the history and festival atmosphere of Nebuta throughout the year; A-FACTORY, a collection of stores and restaurants that not only sell souvenirs unique to Aomori but also focus on Aomori Prefecture’s food; and Aomori Fish and Vegetable Center, famous for its nokke-don rice bowl.For more information, please see the Aomori Guidance Expert.

Shipping of Number Cards, Measuring Chips, and Marathon Programs

Number cards with chips, programs, etc., will be sent to participants by around April 6 (Thu.).Should you not receive your number card etc., please contact the Secretariat by April 12 (Wed.), and we will issue it at the information desk on the day of the marathon.(If you do not contact us in advance, we will be unable to reissue them.)

※Please make sure to contact the Secretariat if you change your address after applying.
※Please remember to bring your number card and measurement chip on the day of the marathon.
※In case of loss or forgetting to bring the number card, an additional 2,000 yen will be required for reissue.

Shuttle Bus Service and Parking

Shuttle buses will be available on the day of the marathon.
Buses will shuttle between Aomori Station, Shin-Aomori Station, and the temporary parking lot (Aomori Keirin) and the starting and finishing points and Shin-Aomori Station and the temporary parking lot (Aomori Keirin).Please note that the number of the temporary parking lot is limited.

For more information about the shuttle bus, click here.

Starting point 【Nogiwa Park】

Located in the western part of Aomori-shi, this quiet park with Lake Nogiwa and beautiful trees is divided into five areas: “Children’s Country,” “Picnic Plaza,” “Waterfront Walking Garden,” “Forest Walking Park,” and “Furusato no Mori.”Each area, with the exception of the forest walking garden, has a parking lot, and all areas have restrooms and other facilities.”Children’s Country” also has playground equipment and other facilities. Lake Nogiwa has four bridges: Nogiwa Sansaku Bridge, Kojo Bridge, Mikaeri Bridge, and Koun Bridge, and you can enjoy fishing around the lake.
It is also known for its cherry blossoms and is the venue for the Aomori Spring Festival, along with Gappo Park.

Text provided by:Park Maintenance Aoi-mori Group/ Photo provided by:Genki-cho Aburakawa

Gappo Park

This park is representative of Aomori-shi.Started in 1881 and completed in 1894.17 hectares in area.Located east of the city center, just off Route 4, the park’s north side is a beach crowded with bathers in summer.It is also known as a cherry blossom viewing spot and is the venue for the “Aomori Spring Festival,” which attracts many cherry blossom viewers.The area around the pond is in the style of a Japanese garden.The park has been selected as one of the “Japanese city park best 100.”

Text provided by:Park Maintenance Aoi-mori Group

Aomori Bay Bridge

The bridge is 1,219 meters long, making it the longest in Aomori-shi.High-strength concrete is used for the main tower, and the shape of the letter “A,” the initial letter of Aomori, is engraved on the piers, cables, and other parts of the bridge.
The “Aomori Bay Bridge,” with a height difference of 20 meters, is the highlight and challenging part of the Aomori Sakura Marathon.
Please enjoy the spectacular view from the Aomori Bay Bridge overlooking Mutsu Bay.

Photo provided by:All Sports Community

Finishing point 【Aoi-umi Park】

A large park adjacent to Aomori Port is Aoi-umi Park.Aomori Prefecture and the national government conducted a joint study from 1986 to 1987 to revitalize Aomori Port, and formulated the “Aomori Port Renaissance 21 Plan” as a basic redevelopment concept.The Yasukata Green Area was completed in 1991, and its design is based on the triangular shape of the Aomori Prefecture Tourism Center (ASPM), offering an unprecedentedly sophisticated waterfront plaza for Aomori’s ports.

Photo and text provided by:Aomori Tourism and Convention Association