We have compiled frequently asked questions. First, please take a look here, and if you have any uncertainties, please contact the Aomori Sakura Marathon Organizing Committee Secretariat.

1.Are there eligibility requirements for participation?

The full marathon is open to men and women aged 18 and above (born before April 1, 2006), and the half marathon and 10km race are open to men and women aged 15 and above (born before April 1, 2009). For participants under 18, please obtain parental consent before participating.

2.How can I register?

Registration can be done through the internet (RUNNET, Sports Entry, POMITTO!), postal transfer, and by phone. For more details, please refer to the entry page. Postal transfer registration is currently in preparation.For more details, please visit the entry page.

3.Regarding Time Limits

Full Marathon: Within 5 hours and 30 minutes from the starting signal (pass through the designated checkpoints within the specified time). Half Marathon: within 3 hours, 10 km within 1h 20 minutes.

4.Where can I obtain the brochure (entry form)?

“It is currently being prepared, but there are plans to distribute it in the future at sports facilities, civic centers, etc., within Aomori City.”

5.Can you send me a brochure (application form)?

It is currently being prepared.

6.What does ‘affiliation at the time of application’ mean?”

It refers to the name of your school, company, club, etc., and if entered, it will be published in the program.

7.Can I change the event category after applying?

No, it is not possible. Please be aware.

8.Is there a procedure for withdrawal or a refund of the participation fee?

There is no need for a withdrawal procedure, but around April 8th (Monday), we will send athlete bibs, etc. If you don’t participate, please return the runner’s chip (if not returned, we will charge the actual cost).In addition, please note that the participation fee is allocated for creating the event program, and therefore, refunds will not be provided.

9.Is it possible to transfer my entry to someone else?

If you have registered through RUNNET, you are registered with ‘Yuzureru,’ so please apply for transfer through ‘Entry History’ on the RUNNET My Page.

10.I have applied for participation, what should I do next?

We will send the athlete bib set (athlete bibs, runner’s chip, program, etc.) in advance (around April 8th, Monday).”
“If, by any chance, you do not receive it due to various circumstances, please contact the secretariat by April 15th (Monday), and we will issue it at the comprehensive information desk on the day of the event.If there is no prior contact, reissuance cannot be guaranteed.Please be sure to notify the secretariat of any changes to your address after applying.On the day of the event, please remember to bring your athlete bib and runner’s chip.Additionally, please read the enclosed notes carefully before participating.In case of loss or if you forget your athlete bib, a separate fee will be required for reissuance.

11.I live outside of Japan. Can you mail me a bib or other items?

For those who live outside of Japan, we plan to pick them up at the goal site on April 20 or 21.
We will inform you by e-mail or other means when details are finalized.

12.Can I leave the target time (estimated time) blank?

We will arrange the blocks at the starting point based on your target time, so please be sure to fill in the target time (estimated time). If left blank, you will start from the last block.If left blank, you will start from the last block

13.While there is no section specifically registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF), does it mean it will not be an officially recognized record?

For those who apply for the full marathon or half marathon, please enter your JAAF registration information on each application site. We will then apply to the Japan Association of Athletics Federations as an officially recognized record for those who have applied.

14.If you are assisting as a medical runner, what procedures are required?

To further enhance the medical support system during the event, we request registration from medical professionals participating in the event (those with licenses such as doctors or paramedics) as ‘Medical Runners (Volunteers).’During the race, please wear the bibs provided for Medical Runners.If you encounter an unexpected situation during the race, please provide emergency assistance to the best of your ability and inform nearby event staff of the situation.The event staff will then contact the event headquarters and coordinate emergency response measures, including arranging an ambulance.After the response, please return to the race.Information will be sent to those who have registered.

15.Is there a kilometer display?

Displays are set up every 1 kilometer.

16.Will we receive a participation prize?”

As a participation commemoration, we will present a T-shirt.It will be sent together with the athlete bib.

17.Regarding the size of the participation commemoration (T-shirt):

The sizes of the participation commemoration T-shirt are as follows (JASPO standard) In the order of height/chest circumference/waist

SS…157-163cm/81-87cm/67-73cm S…162-168cm/85-91cm/71-77cm M…167-173cm/89-95cm/75-81cm L…172-178cm/93-99cm/79-85cm XL…177-183cm/97-103cm/83-89cm 2XL…182-188cm/101-107cm/87-93cm 3XL…187-193cm/105-111cm/91-97cm

18.Can I receive a completion award?

We are planning to provide a towel as the completion award.

19.Is there a baggage storage area?”

Since the starting point and the finish point are different, we will collect your hand baggage at the starting point and transport it to the finish point.However, please keep valuables at your own responsibility.Each participant is limited to one piece of baggage.

20.Is there a place to change clothes?

We will set up separate changing rooms for men and women at the starting point and finish point.Please note that the number of changing rooms is limited.

21.In case of retirement, is there a way to return to the venue?

There are medical vehicles stationed along the course for assistance.Contact the event staff on the course (wearing staff attire)

22.If the athlete bib set (athlete bib, runner’s chip, etc.) does not arrive, what should I do?

If, by any chance, it does not arrive, please contact the secretariat by April 15th (Monday), and we will issue it at the comprehensive information desk on the day of the event. If there is no prior contact, reissuance cannot be guaranteed.Please be sure to notify the secretariat of any changes to your address after applying.

23.I have lost my athlete bib set (athlete bib, runner’s chip, etc.). Can I get it reissued?

On the day of the event, reissuance will be handled at the comprehensive information desk. Please note that there is a separate fee for reissuance.

24.Is there parking available?

We will provide temporary dedicated parking (Aomori Keirinjo). For details, please see the ‘Course & Access’ page.

25.Is aerial photography by drone possible?

Photography using drones is prohibited at the venue and along the course.