Organizing:Aomori City・Aomori Athletic Association・Aomori Sakura Marathon Executive Committee
Date and time:April 21, 2024 (Sunday)8:50 a.m. –

  • Starting venue…Nogiwa Park(58 Nogiwa, Hashiro, Aomori-shi)
  • Finishing venue…Aoi-umi Park(Within 2-chome Yasukata, Aomori-shi)

Overview by event

Full marathon【Certified Course】 42.195km

Nogiwa Park~Ushirogata~Aomori Bay Bridge~Gappo Park~Near Nonai Station~Aoi-umi Park

  • Participants/18 years and older(For individuals born before April 1, 2006 (before Heisei 18))
  • Participation fee/7,000 yen
  • Start/Wave 1: 8:50 a.m.、Wave 2: 9:00 a.m.
  • Time limit/5 hours 30 minutes(Participants must pass through designated checkpoints within the specified time)
  • Number of Participants/2600 people

Half marathon【Certified Course】 21.0975km

Nogiwa Park~Aomori Bay Bridge~Gappo Park~Near Nonai Station~Aoi-umi Park

  • Eligibility/15 years and older(For individuals born before April 1, 2009 (before Heisei 21))
  • Participation fee/5,000 yen
  • Start/Wave 1: 9:40 a.m.、Wave 2: 9:50 a.m.
  • Time limit/3 hours
  • Number of Participants/1,300


Nogiwa Park~Aomori Bay Bridge~Near Ishimori Bridge~Aoi-umi Park

  • Eligibility/15 years and older(Those born before April 1, 2009 (Heisei 21))
  • Entry fee/3,000 yen
  • Start/Wave 1: 9:10 a.m.、Wave 2: 9:20 a.m.
  • Time limit/1 hour 20 minutes
  • Number of applicants/1,600

※Time limits are based on the starting gun for the final wave in each category
※Participants under 18 years old must obtain parental consent to participate
※For Full Marathon: Participants must complete the race within 5 hours and 30 minutes of the starting gun, passing through designated checkpoints within the specified time.
※For Half Marathon: Participants must complete the race within 3 hours.
※For 10km: Participants must complete the race within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Competition Rules

In accordance with the rules of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (a public interest incorporated foundation), as well as the specific competition guidelines for this event.

Course・Record measurement(Gross time measurement・Net time measurement)

Full marathon

Measurement Points5km/10km/20km/30km/40km/Finish
CourseNogiwa Park START ▶Ushirogata▶Bay Bridge▶Gappo Park▶Near Nonai Station▶Aoi-umi Park FINISH

Half marathon

Measurement Points5km/10km/20km/Finish
CourseNogiwa Park START ▶Bay Bridge▶Gappo Park▶Near Nonai Station▶Aoi-umi Park FINISH


Measurement Points5km/Finish
CourseNogiwa Park START ▶Bay Bridge▶Near Ishimori Bridge▶Aoi-umi Park FINISH

※For the Full Marathon and Half Marathon, they are officially recognized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.
※Records will be measured using runner’s chips.
※The ranking determination and records will be based on Gross Time (from the starting gun to the finish).
※Net time is the time from crossing the starting line to the finish. (Net time is for reference purposes.)

Checkpoint setting (8 checkpoints)

  • 1st checkpoint:10.90㎞/10:26
  • 2nd checkpoint:15.25㎞/11:00
  • 3rd checkpoint:21.45㎞/11:48
  • 4th checkpoint:26.51㎞/12:28
  • 5th checkpoint:28.37㎞/12:42
  • 6th checkpoint:31.15㎞/13:04
  • 7th checkpoint:35.10㎞/13:35
  • 8th checkpoint:38.66㎞/14:03

At the specified time, the checkpoint will be closed, and the continuation of the competition for athletes arriving thereafter will not be allowed.For athletes significantly behind in the competition, officials may order the race to be discontinued at points other than the aforementioned checkpoint.
The location and time of the aforementioned checkpoint may be subject to change.At 2:30 PM, all competitions will be concluded.Road traffic restrictions will be lifted, making it impossible to continue the race. Therefore, runners on the course should promptly move to the sidewalk, remove their athlete bibs, and discontinue the race.

Application for participation

Please apply through the entry page using your preferred method.On-the-day applications will not be accepted.
Please note that applications may be closed once the capacity is reached, so please be aware in advance.

Sending of Athlete Bibs

The athlete bibs, along with participation commemorative items, will be sent out around April 8th (Monday). Please be sure to bring the runner’s chip enclosed on the day of the event.

※In the unlikely event that they do not arrive due to various circumstances, please contact the secretariat by April 15th (Monday). We will issue them at the general information office on the day of the event. (If there is no prior contact, reissue is not possible.)
※For those who will not participate on the day of the event, please return the runner’s chip in the enclosed return envelope. (In case of non-return, the actual cost will be charged.)
※If there are changes to your address after application, please be sure to contact the secretariat

Participation Commemorative Items, Finisher Awards, Finisher Certificates

Participation Commemorative Items

All participants will receive a participation commemorative item (T-shirt).
The participation commemorative item, along with the athlete bibs, will be sent in advance, so please be sure to indicate your T-shirt size when applying.

※T-shirt sizes available are SS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.
※In case of non-specification, we will assume L for men and M for women.
※Please note that changes to the T-shirt size after application cannot be accommodated, so please understand this in advance.

Finisher Awards

Runners who finish within the time limit will be presented with a finisher towel.

Finisher Certificate

Will be issued on Web.We plan to provide a download service for photo data.

Medical runner

We are recruiting “Medical Runners” to assist in first aid activities as volunteers.
If you hold a medical license or an emergency medical technician license and are willing to participate, please select the designated option in the specified field.

Opening Ceremony and Award Ceremony

Opening Ceremony:Nogiwa Park’s stage
Award Ceremony:Aoi-umi Park: whenever it is ready


  • Participants who achieve 1st to 8th place overall in each category (male and female) will be presented with prizes and certificates.
  • Participants who achieve 1st to 3rd place in each age group category will also receive prizes and certificates.

[Age Groups/Under 29, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70 and above]

※Participants who achieve 1st to 3rd place overall (male and female) in each category will be awarded on the stage.
※Participants who achieve 4th to 8th place overall (male and female) and 1st to 3rd place in each age group will receive prizes and certificates at the certificate handover area. Please remember to bring your athlete bibs.
※Records will be posted on the venue bulletin board as soon as they are announced.(For award winners only)
※After the event concludes, records will be published on the official website.

Shuttle bus service

Shuttle buses will be in operation on the day of the event.

To secure the necessary number of buses, please remember to indicate your boarding location and whether you will be using the parking lot when applying

suttle bus service

※Please be aware that there is a limited number of parking spaces, so please understand in advance. Additionally, follow the guidance of the staff when parking.

Application Terms

Please be sure to agree to the following application terms before applying.

  1. Participants must be in good health without heart or other diseases and must undergo sufficient training before participating in the event.
    Individuals with pre-existing conditions (such as heart or respiratory diseases) should obtain permission from their attending physician before applying.
  2. Participants absolve the organizers of any responsibility for injuries, accidents, theft, loss, etc., that may occur during the event.
  3. Participants must comply with the organizers’ instructions during the event, including instructions to stop the competition if there are concerns about safety or if traffic conditions require temporarily halting runners.
  4. Participants agree not to protest against receiving first aid in the event of injury or illness during the event.
    They also absolve the organizers of any responsibility regarding the methods, progress, etc., of first aid.They also absolve the organizers of any responsibility regarding the methods, progress, etc., of first aid.
  5. Participants acknowledge that the participation fee and various handling fees will not be refunded under any circumstances, including cancellations, non-participation after application, or event cancellations due to earthquakes, floods, accidents, diseases, etc.
    ※Changes to registered events or cancellations after application are not allowed.
  6. Participants must not make false declarations regarding age or gender, and only the person who applied is allowed to participate.(In the event of such misrepresentation, participation will be revoked.)
  7. Participants agree that their personal information, including name, age, gender, records, and images, may be reported, published, and used in event videos, photos, articles, and records on newspapers, television, magazines, the internet, pamphlets, etc. The rights for such publication and use belong to the organizers.(The rights for such publication and use belong to the organizers.)
  8. Participants agree to abide by the handling of personal information as per the “Handling of Personal Information” policy.

Handling of Personal Information

The organizers recognize the importance of personal information and handle it in compliance with laws and related regulations regarding the protection of personal information. Additionally, the personal information of all event participants will be used for the following purposes to enhance services.

  1. Sending of athlete bibs, participation commemorative items, related information, and notifications for the next event.
  2. Inclusion of names, ages, etc., in event programs, the official website, newspapers, etc.
  3. Provision of services from sponsors, supporters, and affiliated organizations.
  4. Announcement of event records.


  1. Individuals are responsible for undergoing health examinations, and those with poor health are advised not to participate forcefully.
  2. Participation in wheelchairs or similar devices is not allowed.
  3. If you require a running companion, please notify us in advance.(There is no participation fee for running companions.)
  4. Photography by drones or similar devices is prohibited at the venue and on the course.
  5. Private car transportation around the venue is not allowed.If you arrive by car, please park at the temporary designated parking area (Aomori Velodrome) and use the shuttle bus.
  6. Due to the different start and finish points, we will collect your baggage at the starting point and transport it to the finish line. However, please be responsible for your valuables.Each participant is allowed to have only one piece of baggage.
  7. Aid stations, including the start and finish venues, will be set up at 15 locations for the full marathon, 9 locations for the half marathon, and 5 locations for the 10km race.(We will provide water, sports drinks, and food.)
  8. Toilets will be available at the start and finish venues, as well as along the course.
  9. The records of the winners will be posted on the record board as soon as the times are announced. Additionally, the event records will be published on the official website after the event.
  10. Regarding attire, please wear appropriate clothing for running.Participation in attire that covers the entire face, causes discomfort to other runners or spectators, or poses risks to the sports event is not allowed.Furthermore, if the organizers determine that participation violates laws, public order and morals, or is otherwise inappropriate, they reserve the right to deny participation in the event and may even order the suspension of the race after it has started. Please comply with any instructions given.Please be advised that we do not accept any objections to these, so please participate in the competition with good judgment.
  11. This tournament is participating in the RunLink Age Ranking (a time-order ranking of the entire approved event) conducted by the Japan Athletics Federation (public interest incorporated foundation). The ranking includes results for all participating runners, including elite runners.In addition to the address (prefecture and city level), the following personal information will be provided:
    Bib number
    Date of birth
    Net time and gross time
    If you do not wish to be featured or disclosed, please contact the Japan Association of Athletics Federations at TEL: 050-1746-8410
  12. If you are registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, please be sure to provide accurate registration information when applying for the event.
  13. Among the finishers of the Full Marathon or Half Marathon, those who are registered with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations and wish to receive it will be issued an official record certificate. Details will be announced later on the event website and other channels.”
  14. On the day of the event, we plan to set up sponsor booths at the finish venue to provide hospitality to all runners. Details will be announced on this website as soon as they are finalized.