Recruitment details

Recruitment period

Until February 16 2024 (Friday)

Recruitment type

Organization (group) or individual

Qualifications for application

  • Those who are junior high school students or older on the day of the event
  • Ability to gather at the specified location and time on the activity day
  • Adherence to other precautions for volunteering set by the organizer and the ability to participate in the activity

※If you are under 18 years old, please apply with the consent of your guardian.Also, if you are a junior high school student, please participate in the activity with your guardian, etc. In that case, please apply with your guardian, etc., as the representative.

Activity date and time

April 21, Reiwa 6 (Sunday), 6:00 – 16:00

The start times may vary depending on the assigned location, but we plan for approximately 3 to 5 hours within the mentioned time frame

Place of Activity

  • Start Point: “Nogiwa Park (58 Nogiwa, Hashiro, Aomori City)
  • Finish Point: “Blue Sea Park (Within Aomori City, Ankō 2-chome area)
  • Course includes various locations throughout the city

※The location of the activities will be decided by the executive committee.
※Please note that even if a group applies, the location of the activity may be different.


Assistance in the Operation on the Event Day


  • Operation assistance at Aid Stations (water and food supply points)
  • Guiding runners along the course and directing vehicles
  • Placing cones for necessary traffic regulations
  • Operation assistance at the start venue (Nogiwa Park), including baggage storage and support at water stations
  • Assistance at the finish venue (Blue Sea Park) in distributing participation awards, handing over baggage, and supporting at water stations, etc.

※Activities will involve prolonged standing.

Assembly Point

Gathering at Respective Assigned Locations


The organizer will provide accident insurance coverage.

Rewards, etc.

  • There is no provision for compensation or reimbursement of transportation expenses.
  • Volunteers will be provided with event volunteer attire
  • We plan to use a design similar to the volunteer attire for the 2023 Aomori Sakura Marathon.
  • If you already have the volunteer attire from the 2023 Aomori Sakura Marathon, please feel free to wear it.
  • A QUO card (equivalent to 500 yen) will be provided


  • Participants are responsible for confirming the route to the activity location and arranging their own transportation.
  • Parking spaces will be secured in the vicinity of the assembly point.
  • TThe meeting point and parking information will be provided during the orientation session. Due to limited parking spaces, we appreciate your cooperation in carpooling.
  • The rights to publish images, photos, articles, records, etc., during volunteer activities in television, newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc., belong to the organizers.

Application Process

Application Period

Until February 16, 2024 (Friday)

2024 Aomori Sakura Marathon Volunteer Application Form’ and submit it via mail, fax, email, or in person to the application address below.

  • If you are under 18 years old, please also submit a parental consent form.

2024 Aomori Sakura Marathon Volunteer Participation Application Form: Download(PDF

2024 Aomori Sakura Marathon Volunteer Participation Application Form: Download(Word file

Parental Agreement: Download(For those under the age of 18|PDF file

Parental Agreement: Download(For those under the age of 18|Word file)

Application and Inquiries

Aomori Sakura Marathon Executive Committee Office
〒030-0801 1-3-7 Shinmachi, Aomori-shi, Local Sports Section, Aomori City Economic Department
☎: 017-718-1431
FAX: 017-718-0337